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For more information about E.C. Warriner and this project, contact Dr. Hope Elizabeth May, here.

The E.C. Warriner Project, also known as "Now Thought Begins"
is dedicated to excavating the memory of E.C. Warriner's commitment to the Peace Through Law Movement and to public education as a crucial plank of that Movement. Warriner is part of the "Red Thread" of peace history - a continuous line linking persons, events and ideas to the project of International Peace and Human Uplift through the creation of new norms, new laws, and institutions and the processes for their transmission and enforcement. The Red Thread has been spinning for many many years, even Socrates, who lived prior to the founding of the Christian Church, claimed "Never Return Harm for Harm." A student of the Classics, Warriner knew of this doctrine and in 1893, dedicated a 33 page essay to Socrates (pictured to the right) where he discusses this notion. Introduced to Plato's dialogues while taking a course in Greek at the University of Michigan, Warriner never lost interest in the Classics. In 1938, as President of Central Normal, he delivered a talk titled "The Lessons of the Greek Philosophers" to a meeting of the Alchymists Club, what we would today call an "RSO" (Registered Student Organization).

This website was established in 2020, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, granting women in the U.S. the Constitutional right to Vote. In addition to a poster exhibition sent by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the peace flag was raised in 2020 to commemorate these important moments in the Peace through Law Movement.

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Central Michigan University students taking PHL 200 (Ancient Greek Philosophy) have read and transcribed Warriner's essay "Socrates and His Teachings." We are grateful to philosophy student Ralph Flanders (class of 2020), for being the Chief Scribe in charge of this transcription effort.